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Växel: 0451-26 70 00

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Rules and regulations for bathing

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Rules and regulations

  1. All visitors over the age of 3 must pay the entrance fee. This does not apply for instructor led swimming, associations or escorts for disabled.
  2. Children under the age of 12 shall always be accompanied by an adult (18 years) regardless of swimming ability. When children are able to swim (200 m) and have turned 12 years old, they are welcome to swim on their own.
  3. These facilities are smoke, alcohol & drug free.
  4. Glass & porcelain items are forbidden within the facilities.
  5. Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the pool area, showers or changing rooms.
  6. For hygiene reasons you must submit your clothing/outerwear in our lockers. No outerwear is allowed in the pool area.
  7. You must shower and wash your entire body with soap before entering the pools.
  8. Everyone must wear clothes designed for swimming (swim suit, bikini, burkini, swimming trunks or swimming shorts). Small children (with diapers) & toddlers must wear swimming trunks or a diaper designed for swimming.
  9. Filming and photography is only permitted after agreement with the staff.
  10. Swimwear is not allowed in the sauna. You must bring and sit on your own towel. (Does not apply to the relaxation area.)
  11. We do not take responsibility for valuables, clothes or forgotten items.
  12. Respect and show consideration towards staff and other visitors.
  13. Animals are not allowed in the facilities.
  14. The pool area is not supervised. You are visiting the facilities at your own risk.
  15. The staff has is to maintain a safe and secure facility. They have the right to enforce the regulations and act against visitors who do not follow these.
  16. Violation of these regulations results in dismissal/suspension. No refund of the entrance or training fee.
  17. On suspicion of crime a police report will be made.

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