Municipality of Hässleholm

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Hässleholms kommun

Stadshuset, Nytorget 1
281 80 Hässleholm


Telephone exchange: +46 451-26 70 00

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Municipality of Hässleholm
SE-281 80 Hässleholm

Company registration number: 212000-0985

History of Hässleholm

  • Ingen giltig användare vald.
  • Ingen giltig användare vald.

Hässleholm is a relatively young town in an area rich in tradition.

The first houses in the town grew up around the station which was built in the 1860s, when the railway came to the region. Manufacturing industries which needed good transport facilities established themselves early on.

Today Hässleholm is the administrative capital of the district and an important communication and transportcentre for the whole region.

The district is situated in Northeastern Skåne, in the old border region between Denmark and Sweden. It is an area filled with fascinating historic sites. In the 17th century there was a bitter guerilla war fought out in the depths of the forest between the "snapphanar" (musket men), pro-Danish partisans, and the Swedish army. The partisans fought to keep Skåne Danish ? the soldiers to make it Swedish. One of the major battles took place at Hovdala castle.

The first regiment was stationed in the town in 1907. The last regiment was closed in 2001.

Snapphanar (Musket Men) fighting at Hovdala castle. Photo:

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