Municipality of Hässleholm

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Hässleholms kommun

Stadshuset, Nytorget 1
281 80 Hässleholm


Telephone exchange: +46 451-26 70 00

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Municipality of Hässleholm
SE-281 80 Hässleholm

Company registration number: 212000-0985

Trekks and nature walks

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  • Ingen giltig användare vald.

Trekking around Hovdala area. Photo: Johan Funke


The Finjasjö-trail with the Alder forest

The Finjasjö circuit at 18 kilometres ambles around Lake Finjasjön. At only seven kilometres from Hässleholm, this walk with its pretty and varied landscape (lake views alternating with beech and oak forests), has become very popular. Most sections are easy to access and walk, so are suitable for families with prams, or for wheelchair users.

Casper’s Trail and the Damm trail

These trails of respectively 4.2 and 2.9 kilometres, lead you around the borders of a forest lake in an exciting landscape of beech forest with waterfalls and ravines, south of Hovdala Castle.


 – Today,one of its many uses, is to serve as a hub for outdoor activities. One of the buildings contains changing rooms, showers and saunas. Here starts lit running tracks of 10k, 5.5k and 2.5 kilometres. Some of the tracks cross or follow the Skåne-leden, which conveniently also meets the Finjasjö trail.

The Luhrsjö trail

The path meanders along the northern shores of the lake from the parking space at Luhrsjön at Hästveda to the Vitsippan bathing site at Lur. Along the trail you will find a beautifully situated picnic site with a wind break.

The Vie-Å trail

– You can follow the Vie Creek for 11 to 14 kilometres through a wonderful natural and cultural landscape. The trail connects Skeinge Castle’s unique medieval ruins via Hörlinge Meadows Outdoor museum and wetland, to the Skåne trail in the north. The landscape is varied with open farmland in the south and forests in the north.

The trail leads you along narrow paths and forest trails and you can cross Helge Å, a stream, on a timber raft (water levels permitting). As you walk along the trail there will be information boards telling you about the ecological systems and historical background.


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