Municipality of Hässleholm

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Hässleholms kommun

Stadshuset, Nytorget 1
281 80 Hässleholm


Telephone exchange: +46 451-26 70 00

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Municipality of Hässleholm
SE-281 80 Hässleholm

Company registration number: 212000-0985

Trekking and canoeing

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The borough is proud to provide a number of nature trails to make it easy to experience the South-Swedish nature first-hand.

Hässleholmsgården trekking

Skåne-leden near Hässleholmsgården. Photo: Thomas Lindahl


The borough is proud to provide a number of nature trails which make it easy to experience the South-Swedish landscape at first-hand .

The Skåne-leden trail, which traverses 160 kilometres of the county, meanders through the Borough of Hässleholm. There are numerous campsites alongside the trail if you want to pitch a tent.

The Finjasjö-trail and the Vieå-trail both offer stunning scenery and are loop trails so that you can start and finish at the same point. Walking along the Finjasjö-trail you will pass the oldest settlement in Sweden, and can walk on a wooden foot-bridge through an alder swamp forest.

Canoeing trails are found on the creeks Almaån, Verumsån, Rökeån och Hörlingeån as well as on many of the lakes in the borough.

At Hovdala Nature and Walking Centre there are a great number of trails for the experienced hiker as well as the novice or casual rambler to try out.

Hässleholmsgården has a new 10 kilometre exercise track (marked with dark blue signs) and also two shorter tracks of 2.5 and 5 kilometres.

Opening hours of the exercise part 2019




10 AM-9 PM


10 AM-9 PM


10 AM-9 PM


10 AM-9 PM


10 AM-9 PM




10 AM-9 PM


Free of charge for shower.


All larger villages in the borough boast electric-lit nature exercise tracks, and, in winter, should there be enough snow, some of these will be transformed into a Nordic skiing trail.

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