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Bathing sites by lakes

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Thera are many lakes to visit in the area of Municipality of Hässleholm if you are looking for a lake to take a swim or just take a sunbath.

Lake Sjömellet. Photo: Thomas Lindahl



This site, which is run by an association, has a pontoon, an area for barbecuing and an eco toilet.


Directions: From Hässleholm take Road 23 northward, pass Ballingslöv before you turn westwards towards Tockarp.


Pictureöppnas i nytt fönster




 – This bathing site has new pontoons which are placed so that an enclosed pool is created nearest to the beach. There is a diving tower with 3m and 5m springboards. You can also choose to walk around the lake (approximately 3 kilometres) or use the tennis court. There is an eco toilet on site.


Directions: Från Bjärnum you reach the beach via Sjövägen off the Verumsvägen. Parking is available at the end of Sjövägen. Distance to Bjärnum is about 1 kilometre.


– The pontoon encloses a pool nearest to a grassy beach. A three kilometre long nature track with electric lights borders the lake and you can circle Möllerödssjön on a 4 kilometre walk. Visitors can use an eco toilet and there is a parking area next to the beach.


Directions: The Lake is situated along the Farstorpsvägen at 1.5 kilometres from Bjärnum.


 – The bathing site on the eastern shore of the lake has a pontoon onto the lake and a couple of tables and benches for picnics. A scenic 3 kilometre circuit stretches around the lake, and an eco toilet is available by the beach.


Directions: From Bjärnum you drive along Verumsvägen till you see a sign for Mornarp. Turn and follow this road for about 500 metres till you get to the parking area. From there it’s a 400 meter walk to the beach. Distance from Bjärnum is
3 kilometres.


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Bubbarp by Luhrsjön

– This is a quieter beach at Luhrsjön’s western shore with a small pontoon, an area for barbecuing, some benches and an eco toilet.


Directions: On the road from Farstorp towards Hästveda you turn towards Tockarp and drive for 3 kilometres.


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Björkviken by Finjasjön

– This bathing site / This site for swimming on the Finja Lake’s south-eastern shore, has a long pontoon stretching out in the lake. One part sections off an enclosed children’s pool towards the sandy beach. There is a kiosk open in summer which sells cold drinks and ice-creams here. There are also a few designated barbecue areas with seating which are ideal for picnics.

There are toilets on the grounds, including one for disabled users.

If you get tired of swimming, you are just a stone’s throw away from Hovdala Castle and you can also easily reach several nearby walking trails.


Directions: Drive southwards from Hässleholm on Hovdalavägen


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This is one of the most popular lakes in the county. The beach on the north-eastern corner of the lake has several pontoons and a diving tower. You can play mini-golf, football or volleyball, then stop for a cold drink, some snacks or a pizza at the cafe during the summer months.

There is a campsite for up to 50 caravans next to the beach, and there is toilet block on site.


Directions: From Sjörrödsvägen in Hästveda drive along Luhrsjövägen until you reach the large parking area.


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This site gives you the option of both sand and grass to lounge on. There is a pontoon onto the lake fencing off a pool area towards the beach, and the site is also equipped with an eco toilet.


Directions: At Mala on road 117 between Hässleholm and Bjärnum, turn eastwards to Jeppatorp. After about a kilometre you’ll reach the designated parking area.


Norra Sandby


– The beach with its pontoon and an eco toilet is situated on the southern shores of the lake.


Directions: On road 119 between Norra Sandby and Ranseröd, turn westwards by the sign Kallsjön.




– On the north-eastern shore of the lake you find this popular site, which has a mini-golf course, a cafe and a toilet.


Directions: From Sösdala drive to Häglinge and there, turn towards Rickarum. At Östra Häglinge turn towards Bosarpsjön.



Mjölkalånga by Finjasön.

On the western shores of Finjasjön, this beach with its pontoon and an eco toilet is run by the water ski club TRIFI.


Directions: From Tyringe drive towards Skyrup. At Mjölkalånga turn left, and the lake is a kilometre ahead.


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This pretty site on the lake’s eastern shore has pontoons, a changing room and a toilet.


Directions: On the road between Röke and Bjärnum, turn towards Humlesjö and continue for about 2 kilometres. When you have passed the lake, turn onto a smaller road, which leads to the parking area.




At the southern shore of the lake there is a pontoon, which sections off an enclosed area towards the beach. There is a toilet and shower available.


Directions: The site can be reached via Hårsjövägen and Doppvägen about 700 metres from the centre of Vittsjö.


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