Municipality of Hässleholm

Visiting address

Hässleholms kommun

Stadshuset, Nytorget 1
281 80 Hässleholm


Telephone exchange: +46 451-26 70 00

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Municipality of Hässleholm
SE-281 80 Hässleholm

Company registration number: 212000-0985

Municipality of Hässleholm

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Near to everything – far from expensive

Confidence in the future is strong in Hässleholm district. Here you will find genuine industrial traditions, excellent communications, low prices for land and property, and unusually well-developed services. It is strategically situated close to the continent. All this provides excellent opportunities for businesses to develop fully. For its residents Hässleholm district is an exceptionally attractive choice for living and working.

Come and take a closer look at Hässleholm.

View from Hässleholmsporten over the city Hässleholm and the railway junction. Photo: Erik Mårtensson

Contact the municipality of Hässleholm

Municipality of Hässleholm, Stadshuset

SE-281 80 Hässleholm, Sweden

Telephone: +46 451 26 70 00

Fax: +46 451 814 06

Contact Hässleholm Tourist Office

Hässleholms Tourist Office, Stadshuset

SE-281 80 Hässleholm, Sweden

Telephone: +46 451 26 73 00

Fax: +46 451 26 73 09

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In this brochure you can read more about Hässleholm.

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