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Near to everything - far from expensive

Confidence in the future is strong in Hässleholm district. Here you will find genuine industrial traditions, excellent communications, low prices for land and property, and unusually well-developed services. It is strategically situated close to the continent. All this provides excellent opportunities for businesses to develop fully. For its residents Hässleholm district is an exceptionally attractive choice for living and working.

Come and take a closer look at Hässleholm.


Hässleholm is a relatively young town in an area rich in tradition.

The first houses in the town grew up around the station which was built in the 1860s, when the railway came to the region. Manufacturing industries which needed good transport facilities established themselves early on.

Today Hässleholm is the administrative capital of the district and an important communication and transportcentre for the whole region.

The district is situated in Northeastern Skåne, in the old border region between Denmark and Sweden. It is an area filled with fascinating historic sites. In the 17th century there was a bitter guerilla war fought out in the depths of the forest between the "snapphanar" (musket men), pro-Danish partisans, and the Swedish army. The partisans fought to keep Skåne Danish ? the soldiers to make it Swedish. One of the major battles took place at Hovdala castle.

The first regiment was stationed in the town in 1907. The last regiment was closed in 2001.

Countryside, environment, leisure

The district possesses a varied countryside. Here the southernmost edge of Sweden's wild coniferous forest meets the great beech woods and mixed farmland. A large number of lakes and wetlands provide a wealth of opportunities for relaxation.

There are over 600 active organisations and clubs which provide all sorts of leisure activities.

Hässleholm is one of the most active districts in the country in its care for the environment, not least in its successful efforts to encourage recycling of household waste, the clean-up of Lake Finjasjön as well as active help for companies dealing with the consequences of environmentally dangerous operations.


The construction of Öresund Bridge and Sweden's membership of the EU make Skåne and the Danish province of Sjælland a very strong power centre. Hässleholm offers industry highly-competitive land prices and excellent communications at a comfortable distance from the cities of Malmö and Copenhagen.

The district makes a conscious effort to support the development of business. Our ambition is to provide the best possible service with maximum flexibility. Our established companies are supported by a range of cooperative groups whose aim is to increase the number of jobs. We provide a great deal of help to new companies establishing themselves in the district.

A fifth of all employment is in manufacturing industry, with the emphasis on wood and metal. Other opportunities are in public adminstration, commerce, private services, the construction industry, transport and farming and forestry.


Hässleholm district is a well-known transport and communications centre. A number of transport companies operate both domestically and internationally from Hässleholm.

In the central area there are five railway routes and several major trunk roads connect to the European motorways E22 and E4.

The X2000 high-speed train cuts the travel time to Stockholm to less than 4 hours. It takes only 45 minutes to Malmö and the Continent.

All three airports in Skåne are within 30-60 minutes by car from Hässleholm.


Hässleholm has an excellent educational tradition. Today it offers a modern and wide-ranging education with the emphasis on technology.

The senior high schools provide basic work-training, tailor-made courses for business as well as continuing and specialist education.

In addition most national senior high school courses are available.


50,000 people live in Hässleholm district. Houses and workplaces are unusually well spread throughout the district, so a relatively large proportion of the population lives out in the country. In addition to the main town of Hässleholm with 18,000 inhabitants, there are six townships with full services and a number of smaller communities. The district is the largest in Skåne, with an area of 1,270 sq km.

Municipality of Hässleholm
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Hässleholms Tourist Office
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